Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"...poetry, beauty, romance, love...these are what we stay alive for..." -- Robin Williams as John Keating in DEAD POETS SOCIETY

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One of my favorite quotes from the movies was said by Robin Williams playing English teacher, John Keating, in the film, DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989).

Below is the passage from the the script where the lines appear.  The script was written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Tom Schulman, who won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay of Dead Poets Society that year:

Keating holds out the basket to Charlie who spits out a wad of paper.

  Thank you Mr. Dalton. Armies of academics
  going forward, measuring poetry. No, we
  will not have that here. No more of Mr.
  J. Evans Pritchard. Now in my class you
  will learn to think for yourselves again.
  You will learn to savor words and language.
  No matter what anybody tells you, words and
  ideas can change the world. I see that look
  in Mr. Pitt's eye, like nineteenth century
  literature has nothing to do with going to
  business school or medical school. Right?
  Maybe. Mr. Hopkins, you may agree with him, 
  thinking "Yes, we should simply study our
  Mr. Pritchard and learn our rhyme and meter
  and go quietly about the business of
  achieving other ambitions." I have a little
  secret for ya. Huddle up. Huddle up! 

The boys get up from their seats and gather around  Keating in the
center of the class.


  We don't read and write poetry because
  it's cute. We read and write poetry
  because we are members of the human race.
  And the human race is filled with passion.
  Medicine, law, business, engineering,
  these are all noble pursuits, and necessary
  to sustain life. But poetry, beauty,
  romance, love, these are what we stay alive
  for. To quote from Whitman: "O me, o life
  of the questions of these recurring, of the
  endless trains of the faithless, of cities
  filled with the foolish. What good amid
  these, o me, o life? Answer: that you are
  here. That life exists, and identity.
  That the powerful play goes on, and you
  may contribute a verse. That the powerful
  play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
 Keating looks up at Todd.

 What will your verse be?

FIND the full screenplay of DEAD POETS SOCIETY HERE.