Sunday, August 4, 2013

Learning = laying your hunger bare

Learning = laying your hunger bare, making yourself vulnerable. 
You so badly want to learn; you're hungry for knowledge.  You're often alone as you go about your search because you're the only one in the room or the event or wherever who knows as little as you do about what is going on.  You don't know people, either.  You make mistakes.  But you keep going, or stay, to try to satisfy that urge to know, that hunger.  It's your own hunger, that seemingly insatiable desire, that leaves you so alone and vulnerable when you could leave all this strangeness behind and go back to what is familiar and comfortable, the world you know. 
When you've been given the gift of kindness from so many people in your intense desire to learn something new, and you try to treat others the same, it comes as a shock when someone is mean. 
Trying to put a small incident from over a week ago now into the past, give it less significance, better perspective, but for some crazy, seemingly over-reactive reason, it still hurts - deep. Want to fold up one's tent & go home kind of deep.
Thank you, yet again, to all those who give of themselves to be kind and patient with the vulnerable - the hungry, the alone -- that is, the learners.
For you & for me, I'll try not to give up.
[Muse:  For what will you make yourself very uncomfortable to learn more about, dear reader, and for what reason do you do it -- love, passion, desire, pure curiosity, need?].