Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Puppy cam Shiba Inu litter creates Internet sensation

Puppy cam of Shiba Inu litter creates Internet sensation, stress relief (VIDEO) - It's one of those things that the Internet provides, not from producers and filmmakers in Hollywood, but simply from other Internet users - something odd and crazy that catches on, or "goes viral," as they say. This time, it's a puppy cam.

A couple in San Francisco has a female Shiba Inu (a Japanese breed of hunting dog) named Kika. In 2008, Kika gave birth to 5 puppies that the couple showed on the Internet every day via UStream video for 3 months. People discovered the puppy cam and began to watch. You'd think there'd be little to see after awhile. A few puppies - cute, but what else is going to happen? Well, people did as people do - they became attached to watching the puppies eat, sleep, romp, open their eyes, roll over one another, and otherwise behave as puppies will. When each puppy was held before the camera for the last time before being adopted, tears fell down cheeks of many a computer user across the nation. Now, Kika has given birth again on January 16, and again people are tuning in to watch her small litter of cute puppies.


(Photo:  Shiba Inu, 3 years old by TakaShiba).